Raghu Dixit shared a heartwarming story from his performance at The Larmer Tree Festival on his Facebook. Warning: you may bawl your eyes out.

Everyone must have noticed the international acclaim Raghu Dixit has received in the recent years, with his Glastonbury performance, especially. On the roster for many such international music festivals, Raghu Dixit delivered a predictably wonderful performance at The Larmer Tree Festival in Salisbury, England for its 25th anniversary this year.


Via: Raghu Dixit Facebook

Having performed there in 2012, in this post he put up on Facebook earlier today, Raghu Dixit recalls this sweet story of how in 2012, at this very festival, he played the song ‘No Man Will Ever Love You, Like I Do’ after a request from a fan so he could propose to his girlfriend. Now married and with an infant, the same man comes to the festival with his family and Raghu Dixit plays the very same song he did three years ago, only this time, in honor of the little boy.

Read the entire post below:

Yesterday was an amazing day! We played two sets at The Larmer Tree Festival and it was its 25th anniversary. It was an…

Posted by Raghu Dixit on Monday, 20 July 2015


This story is just as soul-touching as Raghu Dixit’s music itself, in harmony with the earthy, rustic and dulcet tones in his songs. Read Sherp’s interview with Raghu Dixit about his Glasto gig, and subscribe for more awesome festival news.