All you need is really, really long hair.  

alex g perez(via: Alex G Perez/ Exclusiv)

Tired of waiting in that long coupon queue? Think alcohol is way too overpriced at a festival? A Reddit user who goes by the alias okayattempt50 has just revealed the solution for your woes. Festival goers can get pretty innovative when it comes to smuggling their prized, consumer store priced alcohol into the venue (you can find a whole list HERE), but this attempt has to go down as one of the finest.

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Brilliantly concealed within her locks, the Sherp salutes this girl’s endeavor and hopes that the Vodka bottle made it through. Not too sure about boys pulling this off, but now may be a good time to befriend somebody with such gorgeous tresses.

(Cover Image via: Remy De Klein/ Exclusiv)