The ‘Dance Music Zone’ will be situated about a mile away from the main festival grounds. 

burning man - Ludovic Ismael(via: Ludovic Ismael)

Burning Man’s organizing committee has decided to switch things around a bit at the Black Rock City this year by moving loud music to the outskirts of the festival. Situated about 5,000 feet away from ‘The Man’, this segregated space will provide a new area for art cars with Level 3 sound systems called the Dance Music Zone (DMZ). This space has been drifted away from the main festival grounds in order to ensure that the rather loud dance music doesn’t interfere with activities taking place at the Playa.

burning man Trey Ratcliff(via: Trey Ratcliff)

This new space will allow speaker-cum-cars to blast music for more than 3 hours, and are also equipped with porta-potties, in case nature calls. The special thing about Burning Man is that, unlike any other festival, this gathering is almost completely put together by it’s attendees, owing to the free-spirited nature that the festival has tried to cultivate throughout the years. Dance music, will have to take a backseat this year, and you’ll find that all your top EDM names will be most definitely found in this separated space. Here’s a map of the Playa:

burning man map

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(Cover Image Courtesy: Trey Ratcliff)