Have you ever felt cheated by how expensive food and drink is at a music festival? Between the money you shell out for your tickets, travel and stay options you’re usually left with little or no spending cash by the time you get to the shindig.

To the daring and creative lot of you, here’s how you can outsmart security and smuggle in your favourite ‘contraban’ into festivals!

(This article has been written for humorous purposes only. We do not condone you violating any festival policies.)


1.  Here’s presenting the Beer Belly and the Beer Bra!


These ingenious products can be bought off the internet, a good investment if you ask us. The bra can accommodate around 24 ounces of wine or beer, while the beer belly can store up to a whopping 80 ounces.


2. The Sunscreen Flask

This would be perfect for an outdoor music festival. You can also use an actual sunscreen bottle or spray flask. Just make sure they’re clean before you fill them with your booze.

sunscreen flask



3. Behold, the hair brush flask!

Perfect for your gorgeous head of hair and your alcohol tendencies. A product that takes ‘genius’ to another level.



4. All you really need is a nice frumpy hoodie.

This trick has been tried and tested by one-too-many, and often works out quite well. Wear an extra large hoodie just in case, and store light food items, cigarettes or even small bottles at the bottom of your hood. Remember to act completely normal when you’re getting patted down by security, causes chances are they won’t think to look inside your hood.



5. You can hide rizzlas in your phone case.

For those of who would like the pleasure of rolling your own cigarettes or whatever at a festival, you can hide a few papers in the slight space between your phone and its case. Make sure you opt for an opaque one though.

FINAL Feature


6. You can soaked gummy bears with the alcohol of your choice.

This trick is quite time consuming, but can leave you feeling quite satisfied with your wicked self. Fill a polythene bag with the alcohol of your choice and dump a whole bunch of gummy bears or gummy worms in there. Leave the bag in a fridge for an hour or so, just so the gummy bears soak up all the alcohol. Once done, place them carefully in a packet and get it sealed. Camping festivals often let people in with sealed packets or cans of food, so this would be perfect for you to sneak in! You can also try this with fruit, like oranges and grapes by actually injecting alcohol into them!



7. Get a hold of Pharell’s hat.

A whole continent can probably fit under there. But we kid, we kid.

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh arrive at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles