The empire-building genre is widely popular amongst history nerds and futurists. The market is a niche, still, the games that come out are great and worth playing and spending your time on.

One such game is Dictators No peace, which is a mobile game by an Indie game developer. It has the popular country balls graphic style which is notoriously famous on politigram and 4chan.

Dictators No Peace

The main objective of the game is to unite the world under one banner, expand your empire, become the biggest imperialist force the world has ever seen. This may sound really dark but you forget you’re actually nuking countries when you play the game with these cute country balls.

The game starts off by letting you select a country of your choice and from there it’s a matter of time before you start invading and establishing colonies.

The game doesn’t have the best graphics or the best music, but it has one thing, lots and lots of gameplay for history nerds!

The game gets you addicted real fast with all the real-life-like mechanics. Supply money to rebels in other countries spread religious propaganda, and finally, invade the country and exploit its resources.

Dictators no peace is one of the best gamers you can find on mobile, so make sure to play it at least once.

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