Minecraft Snapshot had stopped for two weeks and we fans had been missing them, but this Thursday we got another snapshot and it finally added goats!

The snapshot cycle for the next major update i.e. the cave s and cliffs update is in full swing right now. There are many features that still haven’t seen the light of day, but the devs decided to introduce goats finally!

Minecraft snapshot 21w13a

Let’s talk about the major features that were added to the game in the minecraft snapshot 21w13a

Goats had been announcing d a long time ago and the Java version of the game has finally seen them. But the goats still are missing many major abilities that they possess in bedrock.

Like ramming and dropping goat horns. But there’s nothing in the world that can’t be fixed, we hope the devs make these changes in the next snapshot.

A new light block called LIGHT was added. It is similar to the barrier block and can only be accessed via commands in creative. You can set light levels according to your needs, this is the best block for ambient lighting.

the caves and cliffs update will probably release this year in June or July. This is pure speculation, nothing’s confirmed yet, the game might more time to update than we eventually thought.

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