Story mode games are known for their excellent plot, beautiful music, and marvelous graphics. In recent years as the storage capacity of mobile phones has increased, the devs have taken advantage of it by developing great games.

The list includes some of the best games available on the mobile platform, almost every game over here has won some awards and is well received by critics as well.

Story mode games

Best Luck

In Best Luck, you play as a teenage boy who has weird dreams at night. In his dreams, he sees a girl, who presumably is dead. The dream guides the boy throughout the story, giving us moments of sadness and some terrifying as well.

We won’t spoil the story any further, you should check this game out right away!

Lucid Dreams adventure

In this game, you play the role of a handicapped 10-year-old girl called Lucy. The story in this game is excellent, the graphics complement the music very well and you’ll have a blast playing this one.

Again, as these are story mode games we won’t give many details about them. Also, this game has 3 parts as of now, so you have plenty of content to play.

Never alone

This one will surely make you cry, the plot follows the daily struggles of Luna whose family and other clan members were wiped out by an unexpected snowstorm.

The only friend she’s left with is a white snow fox which helps her out. The gameplay is beautiful as you and the fox help each other to survive. This game will fill your heart with joy, Never alone is truly a masterpiece.

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