Platformer games have been a staple of the Nintendo company. Ever since Super Mario Brothers got popular there was a wave of great platformer games in the market. From Contra to today’s Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Switch. So there was no reason why the PC industry would fail to capitalize on this trend.

With such a massive player base, platformer games come out almost every year. So e decided to recommend some action platformer games for PC!

Action platformer games for PC

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind forest tells us the story of an orphan who is destined for greatness. The game is visually stunning, the backgrounds are so neatly drawn that they look soothing.

The game features great controls and combat mechanics. This Moon studios game will surely leave you wanting more once you finish it!

Hollow Knight

How can something so cute-looking have such a merciless killing spree? Hollow Knight is one of the best action platformers out there. The graphics are stunning, to say the least for a platformer.

Explore the ruined kingdom, fight monsters and insects, go into deep caverns forge your own path! The game is available on steam and definitely worth playing.


This game is the quintessential action platformer not just for PC but for every device. Terraria was first released almost a decade ago and since then it has seen massive updates changing the look and adding multiple bosses to the game.

You can choose a class and finish the game, and you can come back to play as another class and have a totally different experience. It can’t get better than this! The pixelated style really complements the platformer genre of the game.

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