Lil Uzi Vert started to blow up in late 2016 with his one-of-a-kind cadence and infectious melodies, though he only found mainstream success after his song XO Tour Life came out, he was already a well-establised figure before it. Many thought of Uzi as a one-hit-wonder, but since then his songs have proved this theory wrong.

So went through his most notable songs and picked the best according to us. We’ve been following his career for a long time so you’ll definitely find some hidden gems over here.

Top 5 Lil Uzi Vert Songs

The way life goes

This song has one of the best melodies Uzi ever wrote, and couple that with his vocal delivery and you have yourself a banger. The song structure is great as well. Seeing the success of this song, Nicky Minaj also gave a feature to Uzi you can check that out as well.

Money Longer

Money Longer is what many call classic Uzi with the heavy vocals he catches us of guard. And the beat on this song is legendary, to say the least.

20 Minutes

Once again, Uzi’s beat selection does wonders for his songs. He has a great sense of music when it comes to picking beat, this song is a result of that.


The latest Uzi album was great, but not upto the mark with the others he has released prior to it. Myron was certified ever since it first leaked, and when we got it officially we knew this had to be the best song on the deluxe.


The old Uzi with his purple dreads was a great artist, I’m not at all denying the evolution he went through as an artist, but still, we can’t deny he had a lot more hunger when he first came. Paradise is a great song that many people don’t talk about make sure to give it a listen.

Honorable mention – Baby Pluto, That Way, Venetia, Kobe, Xo Tour Life, Two, 7 am, erase your social, sanguine paradise, futsal shuffle, and many more.

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