Fighting games are loved by every kid, I mean who would mind punching his friend till he becomes a pulp of flesh (in-game obviously). Due to the sheer popularity of this genre, we have seen it invade almost every gaming platform, and mobile is the next stop.

So we went through the tons and tons of fighting games available on mobile to bring you the best!

Top fighting game on mobile

Shadow fight arena

The second installment of shadow fight was the quintessential fighting game on mobile when it first arrived, due to the success of which the name became popular. Now the newer games are even better in combat mechanics and graphics.

The combat in this game feels real, there are various different weapons and skills to choose from, you’d never get bored.

WWE Undefeated

The WWE has been a fan favorite for decades now, and the games that this franchise brings are mind-blowing, to say the least. And now they have entered the mobile space with a fantastic game.

WWE Undefeated is the best WWE game to ever come on a mobile platform, its crazy how good it is.

Yi Jian

Behold the glory of ancient sword fighter in Yi Jian. The game looks like a movie, a great movie. The graphics and the environment this game sets are just breathtaking, no game matches its level of detail.

To top that off, the game has great combat mechanics, which becomes even more fun to watch when combined with different weapons and players. Though the game is still in its beta phase, it still is worth playing.

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