Want to know how you can get to ADE on a budget? Need to know how good EDC was? Find out!

1. Experience The Exquisite Culture Of Bhutan Through These Amazing Festivals


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Ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan is a dream for soul-searching travellers. Take a trip through the Kingdom’s food and festivals and contribute to its Gross National Happiness. See more!

2. In Pictures: EDC Las Vegas, The Biggest Carnival Ever



EDC had quite a few highlights this year; a stage burned up, Tiesto tried convincing people that he’s Marshmello… Here is all the madness in pictures! See more!

3. Here Is How Electric Forest Can Change Your Life


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The forest can teach you things, you just have to be ready to learn. See more!

4. 10 Beautiful Ramadan Traditions From Around The World


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Explore the delightful customs observed by over 1.5 billion Muslims during the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar. See more!

5. Why You Should Take Your Dad To Music Festivals

Dad at music festival by vice.com
Dads can be the perfect festival companions, as proved by the following *hilarious* stories! See more!
6. Be A Part Of The Amsterdam Dance Event On A Budget
With hundreds of performances and conferences packed into 5 days, the ADE is the dream destination for every electronic music fan and artist. See more!
7. Glastonbury Welcomes Attendees With 12 Hour Traffic Jam
And we thought traffic in Mumbai was bad. See more!
8. Super Exciting News For SulaFest Fans!
The festival will now be extended to 3 days of unlimited wine and live music! See more!