EDC had quite a few highlights this year; a stage burned up, Tiesto tried convincing people that he’s Marshmello… Here is all the madness in pictures!

With this year’s edition of the giant festival officially in the books, The Sherp has some pictures to show you a bit of how crazy EDC actually was. Known for their stellar production and detailed stages, Electric Daisy Carnival is always an experience to cherish.

1. “Baby, you’re a firework!”


(Courtesy: Insomniac)


Dimitri-Vegas-Like-Mike-EDC-Las-Vegas-Day-2-2016-billboard-1548 (1)

(Courtesy: Andrew J. Rauner / Billboard)

2. Some of the most recognisable faces in electronic dance music were there at this giant festival.

Armin-EDC-Las-Vegas-Day-2-2016-billboard-1548 02-Garrix-EDC-Las-Vegas-Day-2-2016-billboard-1548 Boy-Band-EDC-Las-Vegas-Day-2-2016-billboard-1548 bb-Snails-Jauz-EDC-Las-Vegas-Day-1-2016-billboard-1548 bb-02-HS82-EDC-Las-Vegas-Day-1-2016-billboard-1548


(Courtesy: Andrew J. Rauner / Billboard)

3. Sometimes, all you need is love.

EDCLV2016_0620_013237-7728_DVS (1)

(Courtesy: Insomniac)

4. Squads come in all kinds of clothes and enthusiasm levels.


(Courtesy: Insomniac)

5. The CircuitGrounds stage, in the evening glow.


6. Getting married? Why not do it at EDC and make your friends jealous?


(Courtesy: Insomniac)

7. EDC has always been known for its other attractions, and it turns into a mini amusement park every year.


(Courtesy: Insomniac)

8. Entering the madness that’s about to ensue be like…


(Courtesy: Insomniac)

9. How about some Instagram shots?

EDC LV 2017, can you come here already?