And we thought traffic in Mumbai was bad.

Worthy Farm’s gates opened at 8am on Wednesday morning, with many festival-goers having travelled through the night to be among the first to pitch their tents. Some are reporting having queued for over five hours, only to move less than a mile. The traffic jam to enter the festival grounds was even worse, with some people have reportedly been stuck in a traffic jam for about 12 hours.

(By Sam Fuller)

(By Sam Fuller)

Organisers are blaming the problems on ‘wet weather and ground conditions’. Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis apologised, “We did ask people to postpone their trip by about six or seven hours but instead of that – funnily enough – more people have come early this time. I don’t mind them coming early but they’re going to have to wait because we don’t have the staff or the car parks until 8 o’clock in the morning.”

The festival is expected to deal with the worst mud since years, as weather conditions have deteriorated since Friday. Even after the attendees reached the festival, they were greeted with one of the worst mud baths in recent years. The festival has already begun and will continue until June 26.

Meanwhile, here are how the poor souls stuck in the traffic responded:

This one just made us cringe.

You gotta admit this one’s funny.

Smart move, Joanna.