Dads can be the perfect festival companions, as proved by the following *hilarious* stories!

Finding people to go to music festivals with can be quite a headache. Your music tastes don’t match, you think kandi is so 2015, travel issues yada yada. But what if we told you, you have the perfect festival mate, right in your house? Yup, it’s that individual staring condescendingly at you, from the edge of a newspaper as you try to make your way through life. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s your beloved dad!



Here are all the tried and tested ways you can take your dad to a music festival –

1. You can take your dad to a music festival and then write a deeply thoughtful article about it

When 15-year-old Dorothy Dark was sent to cover Bonnaroo by Pitchfork Magazine, she didn’t know what to expect exactly. So she decided to take her dad, David Dark, who was a contributor the magazine as well, along. The pair experienced the festival in two different ways and it’s quite entertaining to see a music festival from two different perspectives. Here’s what David had to say about the experience,

What we have here is an opportunity to seize a rare and beautiful moment. Dorothy and I could chronicle the madness together. There will be sadness and dysfunction and people possibly embarrassing themselves as far as the eye can see, but there’s also a hardcore hope afoot, a true believer around every corner, and intelligence gatherers of live performance. We’ll bond among those who believe the music and for whom paying money and personal comfort down to be in the midst of it is no sacrifice at all. What could be sweeter?


2. Or you can take your parents to the greatest hedonistic party in the world

When someone mentions Burning Man, the last thing you’re going to think of is attending the festival with your parents. But that is exactly what Bryant H. Boesen did back in 2014. A Burning Man regular, the Canadian always faced trouble when explaining the surreal experience of the festival. So obviously, he decided to take them along with him. And make an incredible movie out of it. Check out the trailer here.

The film has received multiple awards and nominations. This guy just might have changed the concept of family vacations forever!

3.  Get a bunch of your dad’s friends together and do THIS 

Not just dads, this includes grandparents as well! Funny Or Die decided to take four brave and completely clueless souls to the melee that is Bonnaroo. What happened next is hardly surprising. Though they might have been confused about what the hell was going on around them, it is pretty obvious that they were having an experience they weren’t going to forget anytime soon. And neither would their grandchildren.

4. Or you can have a seriously emotional experience with OG festie bestie

Being there for your kid’s first music festival is a different kind of special. You get to see your child experience that kind of freedom for the first time and you can be nosey enough to make sure they won’t get into trouble. Mark Redfern decided to take his two and a half year old daughter, Rose, to the Landmark Festival in Washington D.C and lived to tell the tale.



In an amusing recap that he wrote for Under The Radar, Mark says talks about the first time his toddler saw her favourite band CHVRCHES play her favourite song :

‘Rose was excited and sung along. This was her first experience seeing a favourite band playing a favourite song live and I was there to experience it with her.’

But soon Rose decided to throw a hissy fit and her dad had to take out to calm her down, only for this to happen,

I took fussy Rose back to the media area. We could still kind of hear CHVRCHES in the distance and Rose had calmed down and realised what she was missing, saying, “Let’s go see CHVRCHES again.” So I picked her up and we ran back to the stage where they were playing, Rose encouraging me with “Faster, Daddy, faster, Daddy.” We made it just in time to catch the last song.’

Children, right?

5. You can watch your dad let his weird side out and not be embarrassed at all

We hate that this video has the word ’embarrassing’ in it. He’s having more fun than the kid for sure and that is why we love him so much! He doesn’t care if no one joins him, and will dance regardless! This just proves that you gotta keep doin’ you no matter what people say, even if it means you rock a cool Freddie Mercury stash in 2016.

Going to a music festival with the first and the most important man in your life needs to be more common. Because here is a guy who has seen you through everything and still stands firmly by your side. And by everything, we mean the days when you used to eat dirt as a kid to the time when you thought going goth was the answer to life.

So celebrate this Father’s Day a little differently. Go ahead and have one of the most fun experiences with your dad and who knows it might change your relationship forever. For better or for worse. Let’s hope for the former.