Good music keeps on coming and boy are we glad!

With artists like John Mayer and Lady Antebellum releasing new music; the week is already starting to sound pretty darn good. Here are the latest songs to give your playlist a boost.

10. You Look Good – Lady Antebellum

The sweet vocals of ‘Lady Antebellum’ has won this Nashville country group the hearts of country fans as well as music lovers all over the world. They’ve even scored multiple awards including five wins at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, that included Song of the Year and Record of the Year for ‘Need You Now’. Not to forget, they followed up their successful run at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards by winning the ‘Best Country Album’. Now, the American trio are back, after a short hiatus, with a brand new single! Mixing an enthralling horn section with a swaggering bass riff; the song titled, ‘You Look Good’ will uplift your playlist for sure!

9. Hallelujah Money – Gorillaz Feat. Benjamin Clementine

It’s been almost two decades since Gorillaz broke into the scene. After a six-year long break, the band is back with a new song and guess what – they take on none other than newly appointed President Trump. Released on the eve of the then President-elect’s inauguration, the song dives right into the dirty politics that’s all too familiar to this politician. In a tweet accompanying the song’s release, Gorillaz wrote, “Dark time – u need someone to look up to … Here’s a lightning bolt of truth in a black night. Now piss on! New stuff won’t write itself”. Beginning with one of the members standing in Trump Towers as he takes on corporate greed with his words; the song couldn’t come at a better time.

8. I Give You Power – Arcade Fire Feat. Mavis Staples

That’s not all the anti-Trump music out there! For all you Trump haters, it turns out music and politics seem to be coinciding in more ways than one. Indie fans will be delighted to know that Canadian indie rock band, Arcade Fire, has just released a new song showing their stance on the current political scenario in America. Released on the eve of the inauguration, the song titled, ‘I Give You Power’ features Gospel Singer Mavis Staples and was released on Spotify and Tidal. Explaining the political nature surrounding the song, the band wrote on Facebook, “It’s never been more important that we stick together and take care of each other”. We agree!

7. Cry – James Maslow Feat. City Fidelia

If former Nickelodeon hotties are your fancy, you might want to check out James Maslow’s debut single ‘Cry’. The former boy band member and TV star has been working on his first ever solo album, which will be released later this year. And, he will be touring Europe soon. With such a title, we guess everyone could use this song on their playlist from time to time, don’t you think? Either way, you should definitely check it out. “Tomorrow starts a journey that has been years in the making,” James shared on Twitter, “Thank you all for your love and support. So excited I could #CRY ;)”. He added later, after the song dropped, “Woke up to rain in LA…the world must be listening to #CRY”.

6. High For Hours – J Cole

Hip-hop fans have a special treat this week too! American rapper and record producer, J Cole, has been active in the music scene since 1999, but gained recognition as a solo rapper way back in 2007 with ‘The Come Up’. In addition to receiving a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Rap Album’, the star has also produced music for top artists such as Janet Jackson and Kendrick Lamar. In his latest release, the song titled ‘High For Hours’ reflects on the time the singer met then President Obama at the White House. The lyrics go as, “I had a convo with the President, I paid to go and see him/ Thinkin’ about the things I said I’d say when I would see him/ Feelin’ nervous, sittin’ in a room full of white folks/ Thinkin’ about the black man plight, think I might choke,” raps Cole. “Nope, raised my hand and asked a man a question/ Does he see the struggle of his brothers in oppression?/ And if so, if you got all the power and the clout/ As the President, what’s keepin’ you from helpin’ n—as out?”  Just by a few lyrics, we knew we couldn’t wait to add this song to our playlist. How about you?

5. She Wants Me – Louis Berry

Self-proclaimed ‘Liverpool’s Finest’, Louis Berry is an upcoming musical star from London. The singer enjoyed considerable success last year and is all set to release his debut EP in Nashville and London sometime this year. The singer’s latest single ‘She Wants Me’ was an undeniable hit at his live shows and takes his signature rock ‘n’ roll firebrand up a notch! Layer upon layer of uptempo rhythm combined with Berry’s raspy tone gives the song the fiery burst it needs to become a hit. Recorded at The Chapel, the song was even produced by none other than Arctic Monkey’s member Jim Abiss.

4. Text From Your Ex- Tinie Tempah Featuring Tinashe

English rapper and record producer, Tinie Tempah, joined hands with American singer, Tinashe, for a brand new song. Tinie has been entertaining hip-hop fans for over a decade whereas Tinashe rose to fame as an actress, having even guest starred on hit TV show ‘Two and a Half men’ as Jake’s girlfriend, Celeste. You’re already googling her, aren’t you? The star received recognition for her singing with a nomination for ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2015 BET awards. Titled, ‘Text From Your Ex’, the latest song goes like, “I got a text from your ex, boy, She said to look through your texts, boy / I’m not the kind of girl to snoop but I had a feeling too / And now I’m looking for my next boy”. I guess we can all relate to the lyrics, can’t we? You can get the whole song on Spotify and iTunes.

3. Godfather – Wiley

Need a little versatility in your playlist? How about grime! Known as the ‘godfather’ or the ‘king’ of grime, English rapper Wiley has devoted his life to this unique genre. The artist is also the inventor of the genre. What is grime, you ask? Grime represents a genre of music that serves as a primary development of UK garage and Jungle. It emerged way back in the early 00’s and has become a global phenomenon ever since. This album titled ‘Godfather’ is said to be the last from the artist, so if you’re fascinated with this new style of music, the time to check it out is now.

2. Purple Lamborghini Remix – Skrillex


Skrillex recently thrilled fans by uploading an awesomely edited video of his crew romping through 2016 in a video called ‘The Same Place’. As if it wasn’t enough to get fans excited, the video also featured, as a highlight, a VIP edit of ‘Purple Lamborghini’. With a crazy hook that’s signature to Skrillex’s sound, fans are going to be playing it on loop all day long. Although the song hasn’t been officially released, one Reddit user was kind enough to post the edit, featured in the video, and man are we glad! Check out the edit here.

1. The Search For Everything – John Mayer

Grammy-award winner and music heartthrob, John Mayer, just released not one but four songs from his upcoming album – ‘The Search For Everything’! Being four years since his last studio album, Mayer fans are going to trippin’ for sure! Known for his skillful, musically-gifted guitar playing as well as his gentle yet powerful vocals; the star has sold millions of records worldwide! Speaking on the songs, Mayer wrote on Twitter, “My heart’s racing. These songs represent literally hundreds of hours of living inside of these little worlds. And more to come”.

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