The Zero Breeze is your faithful best friend, even when the Summer heat is unforgiving! 

If you’ve clicked on this article, you probably were drawn more by the fact that you can now grab a portable air-conditioner, and we aren’t kidding! Most of us know just how unbearable the summer this year was, and we have scouted just the solution, dear friends! Check out the Zero Breeze device that makes all those summer woes a thing of the past now! It’s wireless, it looks cool and it’s just the thing you need!

Zero Breeze began as a kickstarter project and has raised 6x times its initial goal through crowdfunding since its inception.

So what makes this so popular? 

Apart from being a great solution to the scorching summers, the Zero Breeze adds in all the perks to make it just the perfect companion anywhere. The device supports a bluetooth speaker, an LED flashlight, and a cellphone charging station with two USB ports. It can run for up to five hours on the medium fan setting and takes around three to five hours to charge. And what’s more, it really gives you the shivers, as it can cool down a 50 square foot area down to 7 degree Celsius! 

The product is still in pre-order stage and is expected to ship soon. You can pre-order here.