The ‘Tree Lounge’ is where you should be during the festival this year.

Northern Nights Music Festival is back for their fifth edition at Cook’s Valley Campground which is placed 3 hours away from the San Francisco Bay Area but the highlight of this year’s edition is their Medical Marijuana Zone!

The Zone first made its appearance last year at the festival but this year its expanding to the status of a ”Tree Lounge” for legal marijuana card holders which will be an exclusive and educational center of the festival including education, on-site Dr. recommendations, cannabis sampling, interactive installations, refreshments, meet-and-greets with headliners taking place from 14th-16th of July.

This approach is a decision taken by the organisers to remove the stigma around the use of cannabis and honour its history within the festival. Tree Lounge highlights Humboldt, Mendocino and Northern California cultivators that have been perfecting their trade for generations and are coming forward at the end of cannabis prohibition. The Tree Lounge will also include education, sampling, interactive installations, refreshments, meet-and-greets with headliners plus performances throughout the day and night on the Royal Gold Tree Stage!

Outside of the Tree Lounge, Northern Nights includes an all new Purple Nights Art Gallery, showcasing work by borosilicate glass artists from around the world, beachside dance parties, afternoon river swims, mural artists, and world class production.

In case you’re looking for a medical marijuana card (for genuine reasons), attendees can get a recommendation from PrestoDoctor.