Game Freak is ready for yet another masterclass Pokemon game. The fan base is very hyped about the new Pokemon game and they really have been waiting for Pokemon scarlet and Violet since a long time now.

Game Freak launched the teaser trailer of Scarlet and Violet on Feb 27, 2022. The teaser trailer consisted of some surprisingly revealing quirky live-action scenes. If you are still reminiscing about Pokemon Sword and Shield, then Scarlet and Violet must be just for you.

Scarlet and Violet is set to be released later this year, around thanksgiving which around same as the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. The release date is rather soon if you consider the release of Pokemon on Nintendo. If you compare it with Metroid Prime 4 which was announced like half a decade before it was released.

About Scarlet and Violet storyline

The story plot of Scarlet and Violet is yet to be completely deciphered, but one can guess around the corners. A few theories predict the game to be based on recycled version of previous Pokemon arcs. According to theories, you will get to fight some gym leaders, some team rocket stuff will need to be dealt with and then followed by preventing a cataclysmic catastrophe that will be set in motion by the new legendary Pokemon to be introduced in the title.

Game Freak is known for drawing inspiration for the games from any real world place. We have seen Sun and Moon to be based in Hawaii, Sword and Shield was based in Great Britain. In the teaser trailer, we can infer that the game is based in some mountainous region with a nearby ocean along with a desert. It might be Sahara region or Columbia, we will have to wait and see.