CS: Global Offensive has been around in the gaming field for nearly a decade now. To establish yourself as the competitive shooter, your aim and skill must be very top class but a few gun skins can help you with the task. The gun skins look fancy while playing and you can always show them off to your gaming mates. We have a list of few Gun skins in CS: GO that might be just for you.

Water Elemental (Glock)

The Water Elemental skin was first released in the breakout collection back in 2014. Even after all these years, the skin is still in high demand due to its artistic style. The skin covers your entire glock in red and blue. The trigger and handle are the only parts left uncovered. A hint of black over the skin looks so subtle but it makes all the difference.

Neo Noir (AWP)

Even with a higher price range, the Neo Noir gun skin is certainly worth it. Neo Noir is definitely one of the deadliest skins available in the game. The skin comes from the Danger collection in 2018. You can see a splash of color everywhere on the gun, along with an illustrious noir-style image portrayed on the front and back of the gun.

Mecha Industries (M4A1)

The impeccable details are so fine that the closer you look the more the gun skin draws upon you. This M4A1 skin is a piece of art, coming from the gamma collection in 2014. The skin has white and gray base color along with subtle red highlights throughout the gun. 

Neon rider (AK47)

The Neon rider gun skin looks so futuristic like something coming out of Cyberpunk 2077, even though the skin was released back in 2018 from the Horizon collection. The AK47 gun skin is till one of the flashiest gun skins in the game. The skin is covered in neon pink, purple and blue.

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