Metaverse is the new buzz around with Facebook changing their flagship name to “Meta” and Microsoft spending a fortune to buy Activision Blizzard. The blockchain gaming universe has never been better in terms of development. Below are the top 3 games to play on the Metaverse. 

Crazy Defense Heroes

During last week, Crazy Defense Heroes got a crazy response on their on-chain activity. A new event organized by the platform was hugely appreciated by the players worldwide. But exactly what was it that had the Metaverse attracted to the tower defense game?

A whooping 300% increase in active connected wallets was observed after the platform organized an event “Daily Star Chest”. The event was based on the strategy of play to earn theory, roping in many of the new players from all over the globe. Crazy Defense Heroes is known to organize such strategy defense based events. 

De Race

De Race is a play to earn Metaverse based game. The game revolves around horses. You can breed your own NFT horses in the game along with some custom characteristics as you wish to add. You can store your NFT horses and make profits from it as well. Then you can participate in horse races with your NFT horses, and you earn as you win more and more.

De Race is absolutely electrifying the Metaverse gaming field. The platform allows you to interact with your own DNA enriched NFT horses. You even have full control on hippodromes of your horses.

Axie Infinty

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon inspired play to earn game based on Metaverse. The game allows you to breed your own digital pets called axies. You can raise your pets to make them strong and healthy. You can also collect different axies to grow your collection. Your axies can be used to battle with other digital pets and the winner is rewarded.