Over the weekend, The Sherp popped over to Nashik to experience India’s favourite gourmet festival. SulaFest ’15 lived up to its name by maintaining an enviable vibe. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous festival that will make you regret not going!


1. The drive to the Sula Vineyards was indeed long. With people from all over the country trying to get there as soon as possible

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/sohanpachhade)


2. But everything seemed worth it, once you were greeted with a view like this

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/sherpagram)


3. And this

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/dittlestheskittle)



4. And THIS, of course

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/some_superman)


5. At Sula you were faced with many a difficult yet delicious choice. This one was definitely the hardest. Sigh

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/ashwin_agrawal1)


6. The wine only fuelled the much fun that was to be had. Like grape stomping when slightly inebriated. Fun, fun and more fun!

sula_vineyards 3
(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/sula_vineyards)


7. To say the Tasting Room was bustling, would be an understatement..

sula_vineyards tasting room
(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/sula_vineyards)


8. The place was pretty packed, with people chilling all over the estate..

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/aroralaksh)


9. The Main Stage at the amphitheatre is the best stage setting we’ve seen in a while

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/jclywrth)



(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/go4mehul)


11. Campers at SulaFest were treated to little extra music, at this jam spot!

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/ash_talks)


12. Speaking of music, Lucky Ali stole the show on Day 2..

sula_vineyards 4
(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/sula_vineyards)


13. With the crowd singing long to every lyric..



 14. Young The Giant and their indie vibes were perfect for the fest

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/youngthegiant)


 15. ‘Life’s too short to even care at all, oo-ho!’



16. The Sangria needs a special mention yougaiz

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/valleii_)


17. For those of you were at the fest, I hope you spotted this little fella, chronicling all your happy and drunken adventures at SulaFest..

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/ashwin_agrawal1)


 18. Until, next year folks!

sula_vineyards 2 tasting room
(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/ashwin_agrawal1)


19. We love you SulaFest!

(Image Courtesy : instagram.com/ashwin_agrawal1)



(Cover Image Courtesy : Sula Vineyards/Facebook)