A teenager lost his life shortly after the completion of Armin Van Buuren’s new festival 


ASOT 700 will take festival form this year with multiple stage events around the world and for the first time in music festival history, and the tour was preceded by a celebration weekend instead of a celebration tour. Sadly, a teenager succumbed to peer pressure and overdosed on drugs and another man is critically ill after doing the same.


More than 16,000 trance fans gathered at Sydney’s Olympic Park, and it’s sad to come across such news at any given time. Recently, Armin was part of a Heineken experiment which should tell you a lot about the condition of music fans these days. Check it out:

Police are currently still investigating the incident and we hope we don’t come across any more of this at the further editions of this fantastic new festival.

(All Images Courtesy: ASOT Festival Facebook)