The Bestival theme has been announced and we love it!


This September, everyone’s favourite masquerade-music festival, Bestival will be back with a fantastic theme to boot. “Summer Of Love” really captures the essence and vibe of the festival, and was chosen as the theme for a simple reason : to remind people that the only way to being content is to practice peace, love and happiness. Which can be quite trying in a world filled with cynicism and negativity.

The Isle of Wight  festival’s  founder  Rob Da Bank had some choice words to say about it –

Our theme for 2015 is the Summer of Love… it’s a simple theme and hopefully one that’s easy to embrace. It’s largely a positive reaction to all the bad news and downright evil going on in the world. We’re not hiding our heads in the sand and pretending everything’s rosy and laid-back but we can, as a big family of 50,000 people, come together, listen to music, party and spread love, even if it’s just for the weekend. That has always been at the heart of Bestival and its year-round community. Hate out, love in!”

Tickets for the festival will go live on February 12th along with the first phase of artistes being released. Until then, watch this awesome aftermovie of Bestival!