These guys sure know how to put on a show!

Ever watch your favorite band or artist live and think ‘They have literally never sounded better’? These performers put their hearts and souls into their live shows, and never fail to leave their adoring fans astounded and begging for more. Here’s a list of ten musicians that sound better live than they do in the studio.

1. Queen

It’s no secret that Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest live performers of all time, so let’s just get this out of the way before we dive in, shall we?

2. Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder’s vocal control is breathtaking both in the studio and outside of it, but the band’s live performances are a true testament to the fact.

3. Florence + the Machine

Florence Welch’s iconic vocals + the live theatrics = Gold. 

4. Beyonce

Queen Bey reigns supreme.

5. Adele

The official symbol for getting back at your horrible ex, Adele’s live performances leave audiences stunned and often in tears. Do you even blame them?

6. Foo Fighters

The Foo Fever is real, as demonstrated by the crowd in this video.

7. 30 Seconds to Mars

Who knew someone that beautiful could be so darn talented?

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Through line-up changes and years of drug abuse, the Peppers’ energy is infectious to the unassuming crowd member.

9. Arctic Monkeys

So good, the crowd sings for you.

10. Slipknot

A band that’s live performances inspire more circle pits than Hell itself.

Honorable Mentions: Justin Bieber

Yeah, sure!

Well, at least he isn’t lip-synching, right?