The festival has some of the hottest psy-trance music in the country!

Located right nest to the beautiful Ribnica river, Serbia’s Forest Fest is going to take place next month from the 8th – 12th of June and it’s as beautiful as it sounds.

The psy festival will be holding this experience just a few miles away from the city of Belgrade with over seventy performers, artists and exhibitors from all over the world at this unique gathering. Artists like E-MANTRA, Askar, Eleusyn and Night Hex will be taking the Forest Stage as you get to try the various Serbian dishes like gibanica, palenta, sarma and other French, Italian, Russian and Indian cuisines.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the cave of Ribnica, the Museum of Stone, Banja Vrujici, Church of St. Peter and Paul and many other sites near the campsite.

If this has created a strong revival of wanderlust within you, head on over to get tickets to the festival now!