ROLI’s Seaboard bends sound and how!

A keyboard enthusiast knows the initial struggle of using the pitch bend to alter the sound on their beautiful board but now that will be a thing of the past with the hot launch of ROLI’s Seaboard Block!

(Credits: ROLI)

The sleek and smooth mini key board is an all-in-one pressure sensitive surface with ridges where the usual piano keys need to be. The technology is much more portable than ROLI’s original Seaboard Rise and a but cheaper at USD $300 compared to the original Seaboard at USD $800. But look at the video to see why:

Insane, right? The Blocks work with USB as well as Bluetooth as MIDI devices and it’s very own desktop software but the best feature about this mini monster is that you can attach more blocks together to create one continuous keyboard in case the standard 24 keys aren’t enough! It could also be attached to Roli’s Lightpad Block to get a more drum-based sound. Don’t forget the free app that includes so many additional features and control over the Board.

Read more about it right here.