The singer/songwriter dives into details about his electronic tabla and more!

Red Bull Music Academy’s ‘Studio Science’ series looks at the incredible work space of some of the most interesting minds in the music industry while offering aspiring musicians a glimpse into their production process. For their first ever Indian recording, the global institution invited none other than Karsh Kale and the Karsh Kale Collective!

(Credits: Ali Bharmal/Red Bull)

Kale is one of the most dynamic artists known for his signature combination of music from the East and West and has shared the stage with a number of international artists and performed at the White House. The episode features Kale giving people a look at the various sounds of the electric tabla as well as a jam session with the Karsh Kale Collective which includes guitarist Warren Mendonsa of Blackstratblues, bansuri (flute) player Ajay Prasanna, Jai Row Kavi on drums, Karan Deshmukh on percussions, Apeksha Dandekar on vocals, Nathan Thomas on bass and Delhi-based live act Shadow & Light (Anindo and Pavithra). They performed their track ‘Up’ and cover Shadow & Light’s track ‘Unkahi’.

“I love the idea of bringing people into the intimate details of our unique studio approaches and set ups. Each artist figures their own way to navigate the infinite possibilities of the studio and Red Bull Music Academy ‘Studio Science’ is a great platform to open that door for aspiring artists and producers,” says Karsh.

Watch the episode here now: