The Minecraft snapshot 21w15a has just been released and it won’t be wrong to say that this snapshot is the worst the game has seen.

The Minecraft caves and cliffs update has gotten delayed and the fans are really upset, but we have to realize that the devs handling Minecraft know what they’re doing.

They have made the game more fun for us/If they think they won’t be able to do it in a small time frame then they’re right.

For more on the delay read this – Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update gets delayed!

Snapshot 21w15a

So why is Minecraft snapshot 21w15 the worst snapshot?

First, all the world gen features have been removed and the generation is now the same as it was in 1.16. Theis to prepare them for the first part of the update.

Though you can still play the new world gen features if you want, you’d have to download a data pack from the Minecraft website.

New features in 21w15a

The snapshot wasn’t that big, the 0nly new thing added was raw ore blocks. Last we got some new raw ores and this week we got their block equivalents.

Nothing new has been added apart from the raw ore blocks. There are some bug fixes and other quality of life changes, but nothing too game-changing.

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