Minecraft is a game that lets players decide what they want to do in-game. With no clear progression map played out, it is up to you to set your own goals and reach them. But there’s this one mode that is most popular amongst players, i.e the PVP or survival mode.

There are various servers out there to fulfill your fighting desire but we picked the ones which we thought were the best.

Minecraft survival servers


Hypixel is a name synonymous with Minecraft PVP. The server got so popular actually that they are now making a new Minecraft clone. The server is filled with different game modes and arenas.

The hunger games style mode is one of the best as it drops 8 players into a map and the last one standing wins.


Minewind is one of those rare servers where even the oldest builds of Minecraft are allowed. The server has no rules and you can do whatever you want, this leads to many players coming together and forming clans and killing others.

Hacking and cheating isn’t that much, so you can enjoy it.


2b2t is the name that pops up when you think of absolute anarchy. 2b2t is an anarchist where you can do anything, literally anything. Almost every player uses hacks and you will get killed when you spawn.

The spawn of the server is so messed up, it looks likes some dystopian Minecraft world. Though the server having a bad reputation, if you play with friends you can actually expect to win.

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