The Minecraft community has been patiently waiting for the caves and cliffs update, but it looks like they’ll have to wait even longer than expected.

The Minecraft team has been working really hard since the announcement of the caves and cliffs update, and the snapshots have been coming out at a steady pace making big changes to the world. But these many changes will be taking time.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update gets delayed

Ever since the snapshots started coming out, many fans realized that the team at Minecraft is going full ham in the caves and cliffs update. They were leaving no feature untouched, they literally are changing the game.

The team realized pretty soon that they won’t be able to meet the deadline and the Minecraft caves and cliffs update will get delayed.

Caves and cliffs split in two

In such a situation the team decided to split the update into 2 parts. The first update will come in summer which was initially promised. The second part of the update will release in the holiday season, that being December this year.

The first part will have new mobs and most of the blocks, while the second part will have the world gen.

Many fans are upset, but they should remember how much Mojang has improved the game.

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