The Minecraft beta rollout has begun for the bedrock version of the game a long time ago. And we’ve already seen many cool features that will be a part of the caves and cliffs update.

But recently, many beta testers noticed a new type of ice cave biome generating below the new mountains.

Ice Caves in Minecraft

These ice caves are massive and have snow on the top and frozen ice on the bottom. The caves look majestic to say the least, the white snow and the light blue ice complement the grass and dirt texture very well.

This generation wasn’t announced, so many don’t know yet if it is intentional or not. If not, Mojang should definitely keep it as it looks great.

The caves and cliffs update will try to add many new cave and mountain biomes, and an ice biome isn’t too far-fetched, places like this actually exist. Apart from this, the mountains have a lot of potential for new features.

We’ve already covered the numerous features we think might get added to the game this holiday season. The team at the Minecraft studios is doing a great job and we hope new features start getting added as soon as possible.

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