Lil Mosey is a mainstream rapper who found success after his hit single some years ago. His songs, Kamizake and Noticed went viral and since then he has been riding the high wave. He’s known for his lavish lifestyle, but this has come back to bite him real bad.

Lil Mosey has been charged with rape in Washington USA. After the charges were filed against him, the court had ordered him to attend a hearing on Wednesday. But when everyone was expecting Mosey, he flunked.

Mosey did not attend the hearing and hence now is a wanted man. A warrant has already been issued, and he soon will be behind bars.

This stems from an incident that happened with two girls who had gone to meet Mosey in a cabin. We won’t go into the details here due to the gravity of the situation.

Lil Mosey a few months ago was arrested for some stolen credit cards, the life that these rappers live forces them to do stuff like this to gain clout. But Lil Mosey might face life imprisonment this time if he gets convicted of the rape charges.

Many Mosey fans are speculating over the situation, and they are right to do so. We’ve seen many fake accusations on famous personalities just to gain some clout. But that happens online, here the girls went to the police and they are not fighting the case for compensation.

So the theory that these girls are chasing clout is nothing more than speculation.

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