Kanye West’s DONDA was released without any prior notice and on a Sunday. Most of the album releases take place on a Friday, as the counting for the number of sales starts from Friday. So if you release your project after that, you are missing the important and crucial days that would’ve benefited you in the first week of sales.

But we all know how KANYE is, he probably doesn’t care about the first week’s sales as he is a billionaire. Money is the least of his troubles, he wants to create a legacy that will be unmatched, and DONDA surely is another precious piece in his ever-growing discography.

The projections for his first week DONDA sales are 350,000+ which is just crazy. If he continues to sell this well, he might bag the biggest opening of the year without any trouble. And Kanye didn’t even try to sell, he didn’t even have any merch or limited-edition boxes which would’ve given a massive boost, a really massive boost to his sales.

Halsey is not as big as Kanye, but she still sold more in pure album sales due to the fact that she sells merch and other related stuff. And if Kanye did something like that, he would’ve done 500,000+ easily.

Still, the official numbers aren’t in, so we should just wait and see how things transpire. Ad the DONDA sales can far exceed this number.

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