The wait for DONDA finally came to an end after the album was released yesterday. The album came out of nowhere, no one was expecting it to be released at least weekly from now, but to everyone’s astonishment, the album was released. The universal music group released Kanye’s DONDA without his approval. No this is a huge claim made by Kanye West.

Universal drops DONDA woithout Kanye’s approval

No one knows what Kanye was doing when he announced his launch party for the third time. He was not releasing his album after announcing the release date every week. And this was getting really frustrating fans as they had grown tired of Kanye’s antics. But this doesn’t mean the label can intervene and stop his creative process.

Kanye was probably holding back the album to clash his release dates with Drake. This theory has been floating around for a while. Kanye West waiting for Drake to drop CLB to release DONDA!

Kanye West made this new public via his Instagram where he posted an image that said Universal dropped his album and blocked Dababy’s verse. Dababy has been facing a lot of backlash because of his comments on the LGBT+ community and his remarks on people with AIDS.

But the song was updated later on so all’s good now. The album’s cover art is totally black, maybe that will be added later on as well.

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