Yes, Pokemon Brilliant diamond and shining pearl are the worst remakes ever created. Even fan games are better as they put in some love and effort, whereas, for Gamefreak, the remakes and the Pokemon franchise is just a tool to make money from. The year is 2021, and we still are getting chibi versions in games, is it really necessary for them to be so greedy.

Many fans were eagerly waiting for the generation four remakes, but they were left disappointed when Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl were actually revealed to the masses. The game should’ve made us of the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch just like the Sword and Sheild games did, but instead, we got a game that even mobile can run.

First of all, the game looks just like the original, we live in the era of RTX, just making games 3d isn’t enough. To add to the misery, the game doesn’t even have a new story, so it’s the same game we played as a child. In the 3rd generation remakes, we got mega evolutions, and new stories as well, but Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl are just milking their fans in exchange for nostalgia.

Yes, this article is more of a rant, but you have to understand the frustration Pokemon fans feel when we get such mediocre titles. Anyways, we hope the Legends game is actually good.

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