Some fine international and Indian films are worth the watch!

The 8th annual Jagran Film Festival will be taking place at Delhi’s Siri Fort Auditorium from the 1st of July to the 5th of July and the festival is screening a bunch of fantastic films from all over the world during its run. There are numerous full length films, short films, documentaries, discussions, master classes and more to be held at the festival.

In order to shortlist the incredible list of movies being screened, we thought that if you couldn’t make the attendance list on all of them, these are a few of the highlights that you should watch:

1. Tope (The Bait)

Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s latest masterpiece has already generated a name for itself. The on-screen depiction of the novel of the same name by Narayan Gangopadhyay follows the lives of three individuals who use each other as bait for their own selfish needs. This one has to be on top of your list at the festival.

2. Ali The Goat & Ibrahim

Ali believes that his deceased girlfriend’s soul has been reincarnated into a goat so he gathers himself, his goat and his friend Ibrahim all across Egypt to reverse the supposed curse. This one will make you laugh, cry and wish that you could run around with a goat wherever you live.

3. MOM

The chilling new thriller centered around the relationship of a mother and daughter makes MOM a unique addition to this list. Sridevi has portrayed the role of the quintessential Indian mom but by the look of the trailer, nothing is as it seems.

4. Rage

A Polish man gets the offer of a lifetime to be a major journalist, the same night that his wife tells him some terrible news. The man has a tough decision to make and all within 24 hours. The intensity is palpable and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

5. Chutney

Jyoti Kapur Das brings out more than what meets the eye of a Delhi-housewife played by the brilliant Tisca Chopra. the 16-minute short film is one that will leave you feeling some emotion that might be a mixture of surprise and shock.

6. Purple Horizon

After losing her family at sea while escaping the Aleppo/Syria war, Meryem seeks help from retiring Coast guard Chief Superintendent Ibrahim who she marries. The movie elegantly goes through Meryem’s difficulties as a new bride, the grief of her lost family and the affect the war had on her.


7. The Fakir Of Venice

The whimsical search for a Sadhu goes terribly wrong for Farhan Akhtar in his new feature film, Fakir of Venice. With the European city as its backdrop, you can’t help but be sucked into the complicated relationship between Akhtar and Annu Kapoor. This should be one you need to see for sure.

8. The Village Of No Return

The hilarious Chinese comedy takes place in the remote Desire Village where a priest brings a magical instrument that rids all from worry but as always, something goes wrong and people start losing their memories. The light-hearted nature of the movie and some excellent comedic relief is one that everyone will enjoy.

9. Life Out Of Frame

We all dream of being stars on the big screen but what happens when you go to see a movie and you’re being shot at from the screen! This Italian short film will show you the other side of what happens when you aren’t careful what you wish for!

10. Horses Of God

Two football loving brothers’ lives take a turn into becoming suicide bombers. The tragic coming of faith story of the young boys is a stunning portrayal by director Nabil Ayouch who was inspired by the real events that took place during the 2003 terrorist attacks in Casablanca.

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