It’s Pride Month folks! And we take you through the festival that embraces its spirit in the best way, the Milkshake Festival! 

Now back for its 6th year, Milkshake Festival is back again to rain in the festivities and celebrate the liberated spirit of Pride Month! The Milkshake Festival will take place in Amsterdam on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July. The festival is regarded as the world’s most open minded festival as it restricts to none and accepts diversity and freedom of expression in all its glory!

This year, the festival takes place in Amsterdam and while that itself should get you hyped about the festival, here are 10 more to get you even more pumped for being a part of the forward thinking movement.

1. Village People Perform At The Mainstage

Village People have been stalwarts in the music scene for over 40 years. Some of their popular hits include ‘YMCA’, ‘Macho Man’ and ‘In the Navy’. Who else is pumped about doing the YMCA dance?

2. A Dedicated Stage To ‘Wham!’, In Honour Of George Michael

This year will see a special dedicated stage to Wham! in honour of the late musical great, George Michael. Expect to have your senses knocked off with this special dedication, and oh, do expect it to get a tad sentimental as music lovers rejoice the life and music of George Michael.

3. Equality

Milkshake Festival thrives on gender equality, and puts the issues of unfair gender representation above all. Over 50% of the artist lineup each year consists of female performers.

4. A Performance By The Magnificent Miss Kittin!

Credits: Collectivo Sonoro

A definite must watch at the Milkshake Festival this year! All the sassiness, sexiness and insane beats is what to expect from Miss Kittin. She will take centre stage twice across the weekend, and you just can’t miss her performance.

5. An Installation Symbolizing ‘Rebirth’

A special installation this year will be an ode to women in the form of a womb-square that celebrates their spirit. This seems to be a surprise revelation to the audience, as no details have been shared yet, but there’s just one thing to expect here-expect to rejoice the rebirthing phase.

6. An Invigorating Artistic Experience By Erwin Olaf

Credits: RTL Nieuws

Dutch artist and photographer, Erwin Olaf, will take attendees on an ethereal visual experience with intelligent story-telling through performances, light and music featuring shows by De Deurzakkers, Willie Wartaal and more..

7. The Transformer Stage

A progressive thinking stage that The Transformer stage is, it will feature comeback performers DJ Joost van Bellen and Zu Browka International. Transformer celebrates change in all its forms, from falling in love to the inclusion of the transgender community.

8. If You Go Down Into The Woods Today…

Get up-close and personal with bears and take a journey through the woods at the ‘Bear Village’, hosted by Dutch club night ‘Bear- Necessity’. How awesome does that sound!

9. Get Your Vogue On


Let the House of Vineyard, vanguards of the Vogue/Waacking scene in the Netherlands, lead you through the highlighted yellow path, through the enchanted Emerald City of butch queens, hip beats, and wacky performances that is sure to get you snappin’ and groovin’!

10. Anything Goes, No Holds Barred!

Anything goes at Milkshake Festival, and we emphasise on anything! Whether it is making your own dildo, partaking in the activities such as impromptu theatre, enjoying the shindigs over a game of bingo with a celebrity, or even riding the rodeo penis for charity, literally anything goes at this festival!The Milkshake Festival highlights the spirit of Pride Month each year. With less than a month left until the most liberated festival kicks off, we can’t help but be excited for it! Check out the entire lineup for the two-day event below:

Milkshake Festival thrives on its ‘anything goes‘ approach where nothing is mandatory but anything is possible and surprises are around every corner. This is definitely one experience to be had!

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