Who would have thought that the ‘energy food’ before a run would be beer? Well, according to this festival, that’s exactly the case.

Bangalore is all set to host India’s first-ever Beer Mile. Organised by Indigo LIVE – the events faction of Indigo 91.9, in association with Sixma – a start-up aimed at promoting fitness through fun events; this internationally acclaimed festival is set to take place on the 15th of January, 2017 at Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli. All attendees will be treated to the best of music, games, beer and food.

So, if you’re a runner who loves to chug it every now and then, this festival is perfect for you. Beer Mile India tests one’s endurance and strength under the influence of your favourite beverage.

Credits: beermileindia.com

How does it work?

The basic format of the festival requires a single participant to run a quarter mile after drinking a pint of beer. The participant must repeat this process three times, to complete the mile. However, if you’re not up for running an entire mile, don’t worry! As this is the first time Beer Mile is coming to India, the organizers have arranged three formats for this edition. If you’re up for a full-on challenge, then you can opt for the Full Beer Mile. If you prefer to run half the distance at double the fun, you can choose the Half Beer Mile. For those of you who would like to approach the run from a more chilled out angle, you can opt for the Team Run and share your beer with your friends too!

What’s awesome is that each format will be timed, giving you the opportunity to be the champion of the first-ever Beer Mile India and guaranteeing an action-packed adventure across formats.

Want to be a part of the event but feel you lack the training to compete? Don’t fret!

The organizers have arranged for special training experiences to be held at Indigo Live Music Bar for all those enthusiastic beer-loving runners out there. Indigo Live along with Indigo 91.9 will also host music performances by renowned bands and artists. The venue will feature an array of food trucks and stalls that serve scrumptious food and beverages. See, you will be well-rewarded for your efforts.

So, you have no excuses. Don’t miss this fresh new exciting event for anything! Just register here.

Credits: beermileindia.com