Artist Pretty Lights a.k.a. Derek Vincent Smith has big plans for next year.

After going through, what you may call, a musical reawakening in late February last year, the star seems to have some new music brewing for all his fans out there. After a series of cryptic messages posted on the Pretty Lights social media, Smith announced his Episodic Festival tour. The news serves as the latest evolution in the perennially updating Pretty Lights live experience.

In spite of the success of his 2016 tour, the star has been relatively quiet off late with fewer media appearances. So, the news comes as quite a pleasant surprise to music lovers. He was even approaching his fourth year of hiatus from releasing original music (with the exception of “Only Yesterday”, from March 2016. )


The star got candid with Denver Post in a rare interview, revealing his musical plans for the new year, “I’m really excited about what I’m working on. I’ve got an album that’s almost ready. It’s slated for an early 2017 release. It’s not just a music record — I’m actually making a film with it, as well.”

According to the Post, the album should be released by April 20th. Just the thought of Pretty Lights releasing an audio/visual project is fascinating enough; given his history of appealing to both senses in the past. Talking about how he plans to blend the two visions together, Smith says, “I’m trying to make a film and a record that’s really about the connection of people — the amazing things that happen between people on the same frequency. It will be an episodic thing that makes a full piece. Every song has an episode.”

He continues, “It connects to my Episodic Music Festival. When I was booking that tour, I wanted to call it ‘The Weekend’s Episodic Festivals.’ I didn’t know why I wanted to call it that, but it’s all going together. Every festival, we’d have a film shoot that became the building blocks of these episodic film pieces. It’s pretty (cool).”

2017 is looking great already!