The DJ will be making his way to India and we can’t stop counting the minutes to D-Day.

He became an overnight sensation in the electronic music genre with his techno sound and stage production that leaves his spectators spellbound for days that follow. And now, Eric Prydz is making his way to India for Vh1 Supersonic in February 2017 at Laxmi Lawns in Pune! If you really need a reason to stay at home and miss out on, what could be, the DJ’s last appearance in the country; then we have ten reasons why you should catch him live at Vh1 Supersonic 2017. Also, if you are already convinced, then here is the ticket link.

1. It’s mother-effing Eric Prydz!


Do you really need a bigger reason than this? The dude is a legend for ions now! There’s a reason why the Swedish producer is one of the pioneers of techno music for underground as well as mainstream electronic music. He’s got fans all over the globe. Need we say more?

2. It Might Be The Only Time He’ll Play In India!

(Credits: Vh1Supersonic)

It was a shock to know that he will be playing at Vh1 Supersonic in Pune since he has a fear of flying! Yes, it’s true. He travels predominantly by road or rail, which is the reason why he has never come to Asia before! He was quoted saying, “I really hate flying and up until maybe two years ago I wasn’t flying at all. So it’s been kind of a work in progress for me.” After this golden chance, you never know if it’ll happen again. Take a chance now while it’s available. Vh1 Supersonic has opened the golden door for you.

3. Tickets Are Dirt Cheap.

(Credits: memegenerator)

No jokes here. The ticket to see him live at Vh1 Supersonic, at least for the time being, costs just INR 2,250 + taxes and that’s a pass for all three days! Not only is it a complete steal but no headliner this big has had such a an affordable festival entry fee. The festival prices will also continue to rise every time a new headliner is announced, so grab these ASAP! Here’s the link.

4. The Stage Is Everything And More.


If you’ve never seen images of his EPIC 4.0 live shows, you are living under a large rock. His production team, along with Creative Director Liam Tomaszewski, have worked together to make some of the most amazing visuals ever introduced in a live performance. Expect his Vh1 Supersonic set to have some of the best lasers you could ever see in any EDM performance, ever.

5. He Loves His Fans.

(Credits: facebook/ericprydz)

When James Lillo, a man battling Stage 4 Cancer, revealed his wish to see the upcoming EPIC 5 show, very soon it spread like wildfire and Prydz decided to hold a private show for him in L.A. Sadly Lillo passed away before the show, but the show was turned into a tribute event with all the proceeds going to the Cancer Research Institute. He released four tracks in his memory and managed to raise over US $600,000 for Lillo’s charity of choice.

6. He’s Besties With Deadmau5.


If you’re new to electronic music and haven’t placed Prydz in the genre (SHAME), you need to know that he’s been a friend of Deadmau5 since the two started producing music in the early 2000s. They have a long history and will also be performing together at Creamfields 2017 after giving a smashing set at Tomorrowland this year. Check it out to know how good Prydz is!

7. All Your Favorite Tracks Will Be Played.

(Credits: blogspot/ivplatinum)

The artist’s album, ‘Opus’, came out this year and he has continued to evolve musically without compromising on the unique sound that he had established since 2004. The 19 track album features a number of hits like “Generate” and “Last Dragon” which are bound to be played. Now you can witness it yourself.

8. You Can Expect A Few Mixes In The Set.


His material under the Pryda label as well as with Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell under the name “Axer” has been floating around forever. He is also the only DJ to have ever had the rights to Pink Floyd’s iconic track “Another Brick In The Wall: Part 2” as a sample for his own “Proper Education.” He’s a champion at creating essential mixes which have always encapsulated the best of the year in them.

9. It’ll be the best thing about 2017.


Electronic as well as just music fans will have an experience unlike any other with this man behind the booth and some insane visuals which will take you to another dimension, filled with a million emotions all at the same time. It’s going to be epic and we just want you to be there to live it.

10. Just Look At This!