It’s annoying to be helpless when inspiration strikes and you just don’t have the resources to fulfill your creative drive. Well, these apps make those woes a thing of the past! 

Yes for years, there’s been a war between Android and Apple users, with Android phones feeling left out when it comes to premier apps. Thankfully, there are certain apps that let us benefit from the uses that music making apps on iOS provide their users!

Check these apps out!

1. Music Maker Jam (Free)


Music Maker Jam is a simple yet brilliant beat maker app that allows you to produce beats easily using a complete range of 70 music styles and an 8-channels mixer. Additionally, it comes with real time effects and thousands of professional loops that you can easily integrate to your beats.

You can download the app here. 

2. Hip Hop Pads (Free)

Credits: Google Play

Unlike the Music Maker Jam app, Hip Hop Pads is a drum pad that allows you to make amazing rap and hip-hop beats by using their in-built 6 kits of samples, 90 amazing sounds and a recording mode that will allow you to share beats with your friends. You can get the app here.

3. FL Studio Mobile (1,100 INR)


FL Studio has carved itself as a niche, simple and extremely popular software for music producers. ImageLine has now developed the app version of the software available on your smartphones. You can now create music beats on the go and later sync it onto your desktop to edit the music using the desktop version of the software.

The app comes with 133 high quality instruments and loops, audio recording option and an amazing virtual piano keyboard that will blow your mind! You can download the app here.

4. Drum Pads 24 (Free)


Drum Pads 24 is quite similar to Hip Hop Pads, with the exception that you can create beats for any genre using the app. The app features an arsenal of 2 scenes with 12 pads each, four loop modes for each pad and you can also share your beats with friends using the recording option. You can download the app here.

5. DJ Studio 5 (Free)

Credits: Google Play

DJ Studio 5 is a free music mixer for DJs that enables you to mix, remix, loop and share your beat using a user-friendly layout. The app features 8 sound effects, 3-bands equalizer for each deck and 10 customizable sample pads. You can also choose from an automatic landscape mode and a portrait mode. What’s more, you can also share your music with your friends on Soundcloud! Get the app for free here.

Now you know what to do when you’re out and about and you just need to get your music out there!