Brace yourselves, Jazz enthusiasts!

Block your dates this Sunday for the International Jazz Day celebration! The event is celebrated on the 30th of April every year, all over the world! 

So if you’re looking to party, socialize, dance or just listen to some good Jazz, These are the places you need to be at! 

1. The Boston Butt

Located in the historic Kala Ghoda district of South Mumbai, The Boston Butt is India’s First Smokery, Charcuterie Bar Cafe. They’ll be bringing together Jazz lovers and foodies for this event!
 The celebration kicks off with an extensive ‘Boston Brunch’ that starts at 12 PM !  ‬Influenced by American Smokeries, they aim at delivering the finest food and ambience of the Dixie states.
Every dish heading your way is going to be fresh and very palatable with the menu being handcrafted to give you the best dining experience. They will be hosting artists from The True School of Music with the likes of Saurav Ghosh, Odysseas Toumazou, Lydia Hornung and Gianluca Liberatore! ​

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Mumbai-based Jazz Band ‘Groove Gully’ will be taking spotlight for the ‘Moon Shine Party’ later in the evening. These talented folks are going to hit you with some intense Jazz, Blues and Funk beats through the night.

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​​Go ahead and book your table right away!

Check out the Facebook event page here for all details!

2. Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen

Nothing compares to sipping on smooth Bourbon and tapping to some good Jazz. Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen always looks to create amazing experiences and lasting impressions like that. The sophisticated travel inspired cocktail/all day dining parlour is located on the Dr Karanjia Marg in Chakala.  

Credits : Reise – All Day Bar and Kitchen

Jazz Night will be featuring Rijul Kulkarni alongside his band for the International Jazz Day Celebration on Sunday. He will be doing an acoustic set for the show that starts at 8pm. The artist has been beat boxing for 9 years now and has opened up for artists like Leslie Louise & Coshish. He loves to keep his music simple and minimal.

Rijul Kulkarni – Credits : Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen

To add to that, You can also look forward to some crazy offers at the event !  Lauder’s Premium Imported Whiskey @ 67/-, Teachers Origin Whiskey @ 75, Fratelli Wine Red/White @ 35/- (90 ml), Jim Beam @ 75/-, Jim Beam Quarter 180ml with complementary 500 ml coke @ 460/- . What more can you ask for?

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Jazz Night at Reise All Day Bar & Kitchen promises a gala time to cherish this coming weekend.

You can find tickets on their Facebook page here.

3. Bombay Cocktail Bar 

The Classy Cocktail Bar in Andheri West has been noted for it’s elegant and stylishly fashionable interior setting. The newly opened bar boasts an area of 4500 + sq.ft with a capacity to hold 400 guests!

Credits : Bombay Cocktail Bar

They will be celebrating Jazz Day by holding a Bombay Jam Session on the 30th of April. 

Credits : The Latecomers Facebook Page

‘The Latecomers’ will be taking stage and putting out some of their fresh takes on some good old jazz standards and cheesy pop tunes. Band members  James Miranda, Ryan Sequiera, Geet Gupta & Umang Mehta love experimenting and improvising on their smooth tracks.

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This show promises to be nothing short of epicness !

You can check out the event here!