With figures in cash like this, one can expect Apple Music is here to stay.

Apple Inc. currently has an unreal amount of $246.1bn – 94% of which is outside of USA. As far as news about market and public valuations are considered, Apple could buy up Vivendi ($23bn), Sony Corp ($38bn), Pandora ($3bn) and Spotify ($8bn) and still have all the money in the world to start a brand new music platform.

The big question here is that what will Tim Cook decide to do with this amount of money? Is another acquisition happening soon? Sounds more like it.

Credits: a57.foxnews.com

According to sources, when asked the above questions, Cook answered,“What we would do, let’s wait and see exactly what it is… we are always looking at acquisitions. We acquired 15 to 20 companies per year for the last four years. And we look for companies of all sizes – there’s not a size that we would not do based on just the size of it. It’s more about the strategic value of it.”

Well, this makes sense. If you had that amount of money, you would want to acquire what you can, easily. Tim Cook also said that he was hopeful that Donald Trump’s administration may create some tax conditions which make the ‘repatriation’ of Apple’s cash mountain more appealing,

However, this decision is going to take the TV and movie industry by storm because Tim Cook is considering a major content acquisition, which means it comes along with the increasing focus on its ‘Services’ segment – which includes Apple Music, Apple Pay and more. ‘Services’ generated $7.2bn, or just under 10% in three months at the end of December 2016. As growth in iPhone sales starts to slow down, Apple’s focus is shifting towards the profitable Services. Tim Cook told investors that, “Our goal is to double the size of our Services business in the next four years.”

However, Apple music’s special value is not going to be reduced as it’s still the diamond in the rough!

“In terms of original content, we have put our toe in the water with doing some original content for Apple Music, and that will be rolling out through the year,” responded when asked about the probability of Apple buying entertainment copyrights. Cook added, “Obviously, with our toe in the water, we’re learning a lot about the original content business and thinking about ways that we could play at it.”

Things could get interesting. We’re just saying.