Get ready to expect the unexpected at the festival!

Vh1 Supersonic is just days away from attracting a huge crowd in Pune for the three-day festival. This year, once again, the festival will host a spectacular stage hosted by Awakenings, the techno brand in Holland. 

The techno brand will be making its way to India with Vh1 Supersonic for the second year, and will put up a show that will bring state-of-the-art technology to the forefront of the stage that’s #MadeInTechno. This doesn’t come as a surprise because their association with Awakenings last year was a dream come true for both brands and the audience that enjoyed every second of it.

Vh1 Supersonic is also gearing up for their massive edition this year with a new transformational theme, and it’s going to be better than ever. The festival is assembling the best experiences for fans in terms of the line-up, the stage production, security, comfort and much more. This dream collaboration between the two massive brands will, once again, bring an experience that will stay fresh in the minds of festival attendees for a long long time.

The stage is bound to have the same larger-than-life quality that we have seen before from Awakenings, where all your senses will be assaulted in the best way possible. Take a look at the closing set of the 2016 Awakenings Festival edition for a reference:

The Awakenings Festival takes place annually in the heart of Netherlands in June and this year we can expect even more from the brand as they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary!

This year, the Awakenings Festival have Indian DJs Ash Roy and Arjun Vagale in their roster for the first time and surprise surprise; the two are also featured on the line-up for Vh1 Supersonic. This partnership between the two brands looks like it’s going to go a long way.

The Vh1 Supersonic Awakenings stage will be a unique take on not just production but also design. Make sure you’re there to witness the magic first-hand!

Tickets are still available so get your hands on them this instant.