Oscar-winner, Nicolas Cage, just made a whole lot of people really happy…

What would you do if you’re at an event celebrating a celebrity you admire and then the celebrity shows up? Freak out is what you’ll do! Turns out, fans of American iconic actor, Nicolas Cage, got a chance to do just that!

Nicolas Cage may be known for a lot of things. Maybe it’s for being considered an under-appreciated actor, by some people, or the fact that he’s a cult figure that best identifies him. But recently, he made headlines for a whole other reason.

Caged: The Marathon presented by Tough Guy Cinema and brought to you by Alamo Drafthouse, is a day-long annual event that celebrated the genius of a talent that is Nicolas Cage. The event gives fans of the actor a chance to celebrate the star, his movies and everything about him in all his glory.

Credits: www.inthe00s.com

This year’s edition was the fourth and final edition of the festival, but man did they go out with a bang! To give the event the grandest end possible, the organizers invited Cage to grace the occasion, sending fans into a whirl! Not only did the star show up, but he even hand-picked the four movies that were shown on the big screen. These included Bangkok DangerousJoeBringing Out the DeadArmy of One, and Lord of War.

That’s not all! The star even got up on stage and read a few lines of poetry! Delivering a dramatic reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the crowd were all ears!

For a celebrity actor to spend an entire festival watching his classic movies with his fans? He deserves props, that’s for sure!

Check out the his reading below:

You can check out his guest appearance here: