Everyone wants to go all out at concerts, no doubt. But what if your favorite DJ wants to make a fool out of you? Can’t help it. They handle the decks. Unluckily enough.

Here are some of the incidents at music festivals when DJ’s have ingeniously trolled people at the right moment! Also, get ready to see a lot of Deadmau5. No surprises there.

1. DJ Honka 

DJ Honka dropped some major troll skills at the Holi Festival of Colors at Essen, Germany. The German DJ builds up a seemingly harmless drop for Hardwell’s “Countdown” which has become the go-to joke since quite a while. Then, when you’re expecting the drop, SURPRISE. Out comes KC and The Sunshine Band’s famous single “That’s The Way I Like It”. He catches the crowd by surprise, but they dance along to it anyway. Not a bad song after all!

2. Deadmau5

Deadmau5 is undoubtedly the KING of social media trolls. Everyone knows about his rants and his jibes on twitter. It’s no wonder that he’s taken his antics onto stage too quite a couple of times, only to produce hilarious responses. His visit to India was one of the biggest highlights for the music scene that time. But the biggest surprise had to be when playing in Delhi, he got FRIKKIN’ DALER MEHNDI out on stage and the both of them performed “Tunak Tunak”. There can not be a more epic moment than this!

3. Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis when on tour with Skrillex, had some tricks up his sleeve. Dillon is quite the prankster and is good friends with Deadmau5 which means the troll-nature is bound to rub off on him! Turn Down For What has become the scapegoat for being trolled on the most. The hook before the drop is one of the biggest crowd pleaser and needless to say DJ’s take the most advantage of the poor innocent souls. He leaves the crowd hanging for a bit, but then saves them from the trauma by unleashing the track again! That wink at the camera in the beginning of the video is everything.

4. Deadmau5. Again. 

Hello there. It’s Deadmau5 again. Yeah, you might see him once more on this list. He’s just like that. The feud he had with Martin Garrix was no secret. He also made his dislike for Garrix’s hit track “Animals” very clear. At the 2014 edition of Ultra Music Festival, Miami, Avicii dropped out at the last moment only to be replaced by Deadmau5. Expectations were high and he delivered. When he started playing “Animals”, the crowd went along with it. The drop was what was unexpected. Deadmau5 mashed it with a similar tune of “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” which went surprisingly well with it! Since then, “Animals” has been made fun of A LOT.

5. Mashd N Kutcher

Probably the best one. Australian DJ duo, Mashd N Kutcher took the troll game up a notch! Every EDM lover lives for the huge bass drops. That’s something they can’t live without. The pair used ” Turn Down For What” again to rile up the crowd, but what cam after was comedic GOLD! When everyone was ready to get demolished by the drop, they simply changed it to Spandau Ballet’s “True”! The track which is a slow, jazzy number made everyone stop almost instantly. A brilliant troll! But counting the number of middle fingers in the air, it’s fair to say that the crowd was not pleased! 

6. Deadmau5. Last one. Sorry. 

Being the technology mogul that he is, a lot of production work goes into Joel’s stage setup. And there a lot of computers involved. Obviously. He’s a genius in the way that he actually put in a troll musically! While performing, there were some hardcore VFX images being projected on his LED’s. And out of nowhere, the screens go blank and a Windows 98 activation screen pops up. Although a lot of people thought it was an actual error, it wasn’t. He had carefully placed it there to look like that! Oh Joel. You will never cease to amaze us! 

7. Hardwell

Hardwell is somewhat new to the trolling business. But this act of his deserves some appreciation. Considering the recent takeover of the world by Pokemon madness, he decided it was time to take the crowd down the memory lane! At the recently concluded Ultra Europe, when closing the act for the night, he asked the crowd if they wanted one last song. Duh. They always do. Instead of an EDM song, what started playing was the Pokemon TV show theme song, which all of us have seen on TV when we were kids. And it was quite clear that the crowd loved it and even sang along to it! Bonus points for those gorgeous poke balls on the LED screens! 


Sunburn 2015 was one hell of an event! Massive stages, amazing crowds, incredible artists. It had everything. All it was lacking was a little Indian touch to it. KSHMR made sure that happened. When playing at the main stage, he suddenly dropped “Kajra Re” and got his grandfather up on stage. It goes without saying what happened next. There was a massive sing-along. After all,  we all love our Bollywood! It was a sweet gesture and a certain crowd pleaser!