Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital is busy preparing for Lollapalooza to deal with the influx of drunk teenagers during the 4-day festival.

The hospital has already conducted mock drills to prepare for the festival that will commence on July 28. According to the Chicago Tribune, about 88 teenagers were admitted to emergency rooms around the city during last years edition, more than any other weekend in Chicago.


Such situations usually arise because most of Lollapalooza’s attendees are inexperienced festival goers, and it gets hot inside the festival when there are large crowds, resulting in problems like dehydration and vomiting.

The hospital has seen everything from completely inebriated kids to teenagers taking pills whose names haven’t even been heard of. If you’re going to Lollapalooza (or any festival for that matter), stay safe and drink responsibly, because it’s not a laughing matter for emergency rooms and hospitals around the city.