At Dublin’s annual event The Festival Of Curiosity, there will be several facets of science, art and technology on display for its attendees.

It’s not just a showcase; it’s an interactive affair, where the general idea is to engage with science, art and technology with activities that bring all of this together.

There are 14 different venues around the city of Dublin that will host this annual festival, each one choc-a-bloc with all kinds of events in the world of science and technology. The theme this year is the connection between body and mind, and most of the events will be moulded around that.

Here’s what happened last year:

Amidst all the events on offer, Urban Escape is probably the pick of the lot. It’s an extremely unique immersive experience that’ll feature a mirrored infinity garden to try convincing you that you’re surrounded by nature. What we’re most intrigued by, though, is the Yawn Chorus, an installation which features the use of AI. This installation will record and learn everyone’s yawns and try to create a chorus.

Apart from that, there’s an adult colouring room that’ll let you colour every aspect of the room, including the furniture. Sounds like a pretty exciting offbeat festival to us!