Do you know a person who loves music above everything else? If you do, we promise you you’ll never be short of gift options for them, ever! 

Be it a record player, an instrument, a dozen cassettes of the person’s favourite music or band tees, we all know that one person that just loves music and loves it when you gift them something that symbolizes its value in their life. So, go on, pick a gadget and watch them jump around in happiness when you gift them this!

1. UGG Australia Classic Genuine Shearling Headphone Earmuffs

These wired headphones make for an awesome listening experience. They’re cozy, they’re comforting and they play music! Grab them here for INR 4,800.

2. Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Is there really anything cooler? Imagine having this in your drawing room crooning out some classics from back in the day! Seems awesome, doesn’t it? Get it here for INR 26,000.

3. BoomCase Diamond Daze Speaker

This is sure to turn heads as you walk the town! Grab this uber cool Speaker case here for INR 37,000.

4. Mobile Musical Keyboard

A must for all those music-holics who just can’t resist the urge to make music on the go! You can buy it here for INR 8,400.

5. Dancing Water Speakers

Add some sass in your home decor with a speaker system that’s absolutely going to keep your guests gawking at it! Purchase it here for INR 2,600 for a set of two.