Chrms is the 16 year-old electronica prodigy from Mumbai that has been turning heads in the electronica music scene.

Few would ever think beyond the playground or parties at the age of 16, well Chrms is here to lay a different legacy! 10th grader Chrms aka Veer Kowli is one of the youngest music producers in the country. At just 16, the Mumbai based producer sure has been creating quite the buzz in town. His sound has been compared to the likes of Indie artists, Nicholson and Kumail. The most recent buzz however is surrounded around his recent release with LA based singer-songwriter, Zoya, titled “Heart Rates”  that has mustered almost 79k plays in just 4 days! What’s more? – their track was even reposted by The Chainsmokers on Soundcloud!

“Heart Rates” was released by Chill Planet Records on July 2nd. The collaboration does well in bringing the unique elements that both the artists possess to the forefront. Halfway through the track you already begin to feel the headrush and the foot taps; easily becoming a soul inspiring single from the two. Listen to it below:

Zoya is an Indian born, California raised folk singer-songwriter, who’s won great acclaim ever since her launch into the music scene. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Zoya possesses the smarts and the exquisite musicianship that is so evident in her music thus far. Zoya has toured and opened for Kawehi, Storyman, Salman Rushdie, Ryan Scott, Raghu Dixit, Lucy Rose, Natty, Susheela Raman and more.

Chrms has recently joined the number of artists, including Zoya, to have been signed by the label, Krunk Live. If this is the standard 16 year-old Chrms is setting at the moment, we sure would love to see him soar higher in the days and years to come!

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